Zinc sulfide

Zinc sulfide – an inorganic compound with the chemical formula ZnS –  is a highly purified additive that can be used to enhance coatings and plastics products.


For better coatings and plastics

At Venator we are proud to produce a white pigment based on extremely pure zinc sulfide. Available under the established SACHTOLITH® and SACHTOTEC® brands, our zinc sulfide products have had the majority of their discoloring agents and toxic heavy metals removed. The result is a soft white pigment that is widely used by both coating formulators and plastic product manufacturers.

In the coatings industry, our zinc sulfide products can help:

  • Prevent cracking: The high thermal conductivity of our zinc sulfides can keep coated parts cooler by conducting away heat that might typically result in breakages
  • Enhance UV curing performance: By shifting the UV absorption band closer to shorter UV wavelengths, our zinc sulfides can help improve the mechanical properties of UV-cured coatings
  • Reduce the risk of corrosion: Our zinc sulfides can be used in coatings to block the pathway of destructive elements such as water and oxygen, which can destroy metal substrates.

Employed in plastic production, our zinc sulfide products can help deliver:

  • Low hardness materials (in comparison to TiO2): With a different crystal structure, our zinc sulfides can be used in polymers that are glass fiber reinforced; where metal marking is a problem; where solid lubricant properties are requested; or where wear and tear on machinery is an issue
  • Good optical properties: Our zinc sulfides can be used in combination with optical brighteners to allow the preparation of brilliant white colors; they can also be used in tandem with phosphorescent additives to deliver glowing white parts 
  • High thermal conductivity: The relatively high thermal conductivity of our zinc sulfide products make them suitable for use in electronic compounds in LED lamp
  • Favorable processing properties: With good wetting properties, excellent dispersibility and high temperature stability, our zinc sulfides can help optimize the processing and overall production output of high performance plastics.