A range of clean, bright blues ranging from azure and cobalt colors to navy, indigo and sapphire shades – for a variety of applications.


Vivid blue, violet and pink shades

For thousands of years, ultramarine blue was a highly prized pigment derived from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli. Today, clean, vivid blue, violet and pink shades can be achieved by using synthetic pigments developed by our color pigment experts.

Our range of ultramarine pigments includes premier and prestige grades for inclusion in plastics, powder coatings, and paint systems for industrial, household and artistic applications. We also have specialist FDA-approved ultramarine pigments for use in food contact applications and in the production of toys, cosmetics and personal care products such as soap.

Known for their ability to absorb undesirable yellow and green wavelengths from the visible light spectrum, our ultramarine pigments are also often used to correct the color of cool white products. For example, when used in small amounts in white paint, they can help formulators achieve a cleaner, fresher, less yellow finish.