Pigment preparations

Highly pigmented, stir-in dispersions that can be customized to meet the needs of formulators that want to produce colored decorative paints and industrial coatings, quickly and efficiently


Creating a stir with color pigments


Adding color to paints and coatings in a simple, safe, efficient way is a top priority for formulators who want to differentiate their products while keeping production costs under control. To help paint and coating manufacturers create products in a wide spectrum of colors, we’ve developed an extensive palette of proprietary pigment preparations that can be easily added to formulations to deliver stunning visual effects.

Made using the very latest developments in dispersion technology, our stir-in color pigments require very little preparatory work – making the process of formulating paints and coatings less time intensive. Highly stable they have excellent flow and settlement resistance properties, meaning they can be easily and evenly diffused throughout solvent- and water-based systems. Typical applications include decorative and architectural coatings, marine and protective coatings, and industrial paints.

Our pigment preparation brands include:

  • TINTERSOL® dispersions: A range of high quality pigment dispersions formulated using the latest techniques to give excellent compatibility in a wide range of solvent-based systems.

  • TIMBASOL® dispersions: Solvent- and water-based pigment dispersions designed for interior and exterior wood stains and varnishes, wood preservatives and protective coatings, timber coatings, furniture stains and lacquers; removing the need for expensive and time consuming pigment grinding, dispersing and color control processes. They can help increase productivity in the manufacture of wood coatings.

  • DISPERFIN® liquid preparations: High-quality liquid preparations based on high quality red and yellow transparent iron oxides that can be used individually or in combination with ADDIPAST® dispersions.

  • ADDIPAST® liquid preparations: Developed for coloring of wood stains and varnishes to create dramatic wood grain effects, these pigment dispersions are based on high quality carbon black pigments.