A white pigment made from zinc sulfide and barium sulfate that can be used as a partial substitute for titanium dioxide in plastic and coatings systems.


An alternative white pigment

Lithopone is a co-precipitated zinc sulfide and barium sulfate combination, which can act as a cost-effective alternative for TiO2.

When used to partially replace TiO2 in some plastic systems, lithopone can help increase extruder yields and reduce processing costs. Plastic formulators using lithopone can also expect an improvement in product quality. A combination of lithopone and TiO2 can help reduce lacing and deliver an improvement in mechanical properties including higher ultimate elongation and impact strength.

For formulators producing powder coatings and emulsion paints, lithopone can be used as a TiO2 substitute to help reduce overall systems costs. Lithopone can also increase a coating’s lifetime by reducing in-film cracking and improving color retention.

Our lithopone products include Lithopone 30% DS. This organically coated pigment is suitable for matt and semi-gloss coating systems and can be used as a masterbatch grade for synthetic polymers. We also produce Lithopone 30% L – which is suitable for natural elastomers, jointing and sealing compounds.