Iron oxide

Iron oxide pigments ranging from rusty red, orange and yellow tones to earthy tan, brown and black shades, that offer the tint strength, color purity and light fastness needed for long-lasting performance.


Colored pigments for a variety of uses

Our range of iron oxide-based pigments is designed for use in construction, coatings, inks and plastics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

Available in powder, granule and liquid form, our portfolio of iron oxide pigments includes products from our long-established FERROXIDE® range. Featuring attractive orange shades, and manufactured via the Penniman-Zoph process, our FERROXIDE® pigments are renowned for their tint strength and performance.

Products in our premium COPPERAS RED® pigment range exhibit exceptional mill stability and high chemical purity, and have a number of technical attributes that make them the ideal colorant for tinting systems.

Other iron oxide brands on offer from Venator include:

  • MAPICO pigments for achieving color stability in high-heat applications
  • ULTRAYELLOW pigments and KROMA RED® pigments for coloring coatings, inks and plastics
  • High-purity SICOVIT® pigments produced at certified cGMP facilities for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications
  • A comprehensive palette of high-purity yellow and red TRUPURE pigments for the cosmetic industry