Infrared reflecting pigments

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments with the power to reflect
infrared energy.


An award-winning range of pigments

Using our chemistry know-how we have developed an award-winning range of TiO2 pigments that can be incorporated into coating and plastic products to give them infrared reflecting capabilities.

Originally designed to help buildings stay cooler for longer, our ALTIRIS® pigments are now widely used in other specialist applications including the development of security inks and films.

In exterior coating products, ALTIRIS® pigments can help slow down the speed at which the sun heats up the outside of a building. Suitable for integration into a broad palette of gloss and matt emulsions, ALTIRIS® pigments can help noticeably reduce the surface temperature of a building. In hot climates this can help reduce the load on energy intensive air conditioning units, which have to work round the clock to keep buildings and their occupants cool.

ALTIRIS® pigments can be used to improve the durability of plastic construction materials. With ALTIRIS® pigments built into their polymer fabric, vinyl sidings, fascia boards, plastic decking systems and window profiles are less prone to warping and discoloration. Over time this can help reduce waste and cut costs for building owners and occupiers.

Our ALTIRIS® pigments can also be used in inks deployed across the banking sector. Applications include the production of visually opaque overprinted panels. Used at high loading levels in thin ink films, the strong, near infrared reflecting capabilities of ALTIRIS® pigments can help shield sensitive bank pin numbers – keeping them safe from fraudsters using light penetrating detection equipment.

To help our customers understand more about using ALTIRIS® pigments, we’ve developed a special online formulation calculator. If you already have log in details, visit to discover how you can give your products solar reflective capabilities. Alternatively, email the team at: