Innovative additives to improve how coatings dry; prevent in-can skin formation; and help develop color faster


Solutions for an ever-changing regulatory landscape

Despite a changing regulatory landscape, alkyd-based paints remain in great demand for industrial and infrastructure applications, and for creating durable decorative effects in DIY formulations.

Historically, metal-based driers have been the preferred choice for paint manufacturers looking to optimize the drying performance of alkyd-based systems. But legislative measures surrounding the use of volatile organic compounds and ingredients such as cobalt and MEKO mean formulation options are becoming more limited.

To support the safe, sustainable manufacture of alkyd-based paints we have developed a range of driers and anti-skinning agents that comply with the latest industry rules and regulations. Formulators can use these innovative ingredients to deliver the in-can stability and drying properties they need – without affecting overall paint quality and finish.

Our line of Durham NUODEX® driers provides a variety of primary, through, auxiliary and mixed metal carboxylate solutions. We offer a range of additives, including cobalt-free and non-toxic lead replacements, to allow control over drying properties. In addition to our expertise in selecting the correct metals, ratios and dosage levels, we can work with formulators to rationalize the range of metal driers used.

Primary driers

NUODEX® DryCoat is our premium cobalt replacement primary drier. It is designed to be a 1:1 replacement for standard cobalt 10. We also offer cobalt, manganese and cerium-based chemistries that can act as oxidation catalysts and are often referred to as surface or top driers.

Through driers: Our strontium, zirconium and lithium-based products can help ensure a coating dries at a uniform rate throughout the body of the film.

Auxiliary driers: We produce a range of calcium, potassium, zinc and barium-based additives that modify the effect of other driers without demonstrating any drying action on their own.

Mixed-metal driers: Our NUODEX® Combi / Durham VX driers can enable more efficient production with fewer raw materials compared to single metals processes.

Additives: Our range of functional additives includes chelating agents to accelerate and stabilize drying plus loss-of-dry inhibitors that prevent the drier being absorbed by organic pigments.

Anti-skinning agents

Our anti-skinning agent EXKIN® is well established as an additive that can be used in combination with metal driers. Formulated to promote in-can storage stability, the role of EXKIN® is to ensure customers experience a fresh vibrant paint every time they open a new tin.

Alongside classic MEKO-based anti-skinning agents, we also offer a variety of next-generation alternatives, which provide similar drying times with reduced exposure concerns compared with MEKO.