Complex inorganic pigments

A range of mixed metal oxides including cobalt-based blues, titanate-based yellow and orange shades, and iron-based tans and browns. 


Color pigments for demanding environments

We produce a variety of complex inorganic pigments that can improve the appearance, durability, thermal stability and chemical resistance of products used in demanding consumer applications and industrial environments. Produced by a high-temperature calcination process, the mixed metal oxides that make up our range of inorganic color pigments are popular in the formulation of surface coatings and building materials. They are also routinely dispersed into polymers and plastics and fine artist paint preparations.

Our COLOURPLEX® pigments range is designed for universal compatibility and ease of dispersion. Products range from cobalt-based blues, turquoise and green-based pigments to titanate-based chemistries in the yellow to orange color space, and iron-based tan and brown pigments.

We offer a range of REFLECT™ pigments. These mixed metal oxides are chemically engineered to maximize total solar reflectance, particularly in the infrared region. REFLECT™ pigments are used to help keep products cool. They are deployed in applications where heat management is an issue, such as automotive interiors and exteriors, paints for building facades, vinyl siding and fascia systems, and roof coatings and tiles. 

Our yellow and orange SOLAPLEX® pigments are an environment-friendly, high performance alternative to cadmium and lead chromium. With enhanced luminosity and highly reflective properties, these clean, bright pigments are used mainly in decorative exterior
coatings - but also find application in adhesive, elastomer and coil coating applications.

In addition, we produce a range of cadmium sulfur selenide products. These highly opaque, bright yellow, orange, red and maroon pigments have excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. As such, they lend themselves well to high temperature plastic, glass, enamel and niche artist color applications.