Chromium oxide

Pigments for delivering light to dark green tones for a range of industrial applications.


Pigments for plastics, paints, coatings and enamels

Complementing our range of iron oxide pigments, we offer a portfolio of chromium oxide-based products that set the standard for green pigments across many markets. Widely used in the formulation of paints, coatings, enamels and plastic products, our chromium oxide pigments are also extensively employed in the mass coloration of construction materials such as decorative concrete and mortar.

Combining good dispersibility and heat stability, with excellent hiding power, weather fastness and batch-to-batch uniformity, our chromium oxide pigments are typically used in applications where color permanence is paramount. Equally, they can be used as functional catalysts in formulations where chemical composition and physical performance properties are the primary goal.

Currently we have three forms of chromium oxide pigment available: a light yellow-green grade; a dark green shade; and a camouflage green pigment with high infrared reflectance for use in military coating applications.