Carbon black

A range of pigments that can deliver dark shades ranging from
jet black to black with a hint of blue.


For a darker dimension in pigments

We are a leading supplier of carbon black pigments – also referred to as lampblacks. Marketed under the trade name CARBOFIN™, our carbon black pigments are widely used across the construction industry but also find application in many other market sectors.

In the construction industry, CARBOFIN™ pigments can add a different dimension to some of the world’s most popular building materials including concrete. Made via a proprietary process, that ensures compatibility and easy mixing with portland cement (the basic ingredient for concrete, mortar, stucco and grout), our carbon black pigments can deliver dark shades ranging from bluish to jet blacks. Common construction applications include the coloring of paving slabs, precast and tilt-up concrete plus masonry mortar, shotcrete and plaster.

Alkali resistant, our carbon black pigments can perform well in high-PH cement environments. Made without calcium sulfate they are suitable for use in concrete applications in high humidity climates. Additionally, our construction grade CARBOFIN™ pigments offer excellent weather fastness and are stable when exposed to sunlight, UV radiation and high temperatures. They also have non-flocculation and flotation resistance properties to aid dispersibility during processing.

Outside of the construction industry, our CARBOFIN™ pigments have broad application in paints, coatings, enamels, lacquers, plastics, fabrics and printing inks and toners. We also have carbon black pigment grades available for use in artists’ colors, decorative paper, wood coatings and specialty plastisol applications.