Barium sulfate

Barium sulfate – an inorganic compound with the chemical formula BaSO4 – is a high-purity, synthetic additive that is produced in a carefully controlled manufacturing process.


For improved pigment performance

Barium sulfate is an odorless, white crystalline solid. Used on its own or in tandem with TiO2 and color pigments, it can bring a range of benefits to the formulation of coatings and the production of plastics.

We market two kinds of barium sulfate under the brand names of BLANC FIXE™ and SACHTOPERSE®.

Used in conjunction with TiO2, our barium sulfate products can enable effective TiO2 spacing – which makes it easier to control an end product’s opacity or mechanical properties. Barium sulfate can also be used in combination with TiO2 and color pigments. Here, the same physical effects can be achieved while the brilliance of color hues is given a boost.

In plastic production, barium sulfate products deliver good wetting and high filling levels and can optimize the transmission of light – which can be helpful in x-ray detection applications.

Additionally, we have developed a range of specialty barium sulfate grades specifically for BoPET film applications. Used in panel displays, solar backsheets, labels and medical diagnostic films, this range of products can help improve performance and productivity in this highly specialized industry.