Transforming concrete with color pigments 

Concrete is no longer regarded as merely a cost effective means of constructing core building components.


Today, it is widely recognized as a decorative substance that can deliver a modern, stylish finish for the interior and exterior of residential, commercial and municipal properties, as well as other structures.

To support the development of visually interesting concrete, we have created a portfolio of liquid and granular pigments that make it easier than ever to create colorful concrete in a clean, consistent way. We have also developed a family of high performance, modular pigment dosing machines that make the process of coloring concrete quicker and more accurate.

Liquid and granular color pigments

Moving away from lumpy, dusty pigment powders, our liquid color and granular systems for concrete production are almost dust-free and can be used to distribute color quickly and evenly. Marketed under the GRANUFIN™ brand name, our color pigment products for the concrete industry enable ready-mix producers and block paving manufacturers to create stable, streak-free mixtures. 
Available in a wide spectrum of shades, our pigments can be used to create colored concrete, which is less prone to fading and discoloration over time due to UV light exposure, weathering and the natural alkalinity of concrete.

Accurate metering for faster, colored concrete

We also produce a range of advanced pigment metering machines that can make the manufacture of colored concrete smarter, faster and more efficient. Our GRANUMAT™ metering systems are a family of modular machines that enable the easy, clean and accurate coloring of concrete. First launched in 1989, our GRANUMAT™ machines make the production of colored concrete more economical. They simultaneously weigh and dispense pigment from bulk storage containers directly into a concrete mixer in a completely enclosed automated batching operation.

Used in conjunction with our free-flowing GRANUFIN™ micro granules, our GRANUMAT™ metering systems provide a complete colored concrete production solution. Currently, our GRANUMAT™ pigment metering equipment portfolio includes nine different dosing systems that can be customized to meet specific requirements.