We are a leading producer of aluminium salts that can be used as a coagulant in water purification applications; in products for wastewater treatment; and as flocculants for enhanced sedimentation.

As rapid population growth and urbanization put ever more pressure on the world’s freshwater sources, the need to manage every stage of the water cycle effectively, and in line with tighter regulations, is increasingly urgent. 

From enhancing the purity of potable (drinking) water and safeguarding municipal water supplies to safely treating industrial wastewater, our specialty additives support smarter approaches to water management. We have numerous products and customized options available to improve sedimentation, flotation, filtration and purification processes. These are proven and trusted worldwide to help keep fresh water supplies flowing.

In the realm of public water supply, our polyaluminum chloride-based primary flocculants have long been favored by water utility operators and municipal authorities to produce drinking water in accordance with purity standards: DIN EN881 and 883. 

In biological sewage treatment plants, our P-Elimination Plus process can rapidly resolve problems with floating and bulking sludge. In addition, manufacturers across a wide range of industries, such as paper production, depend on our flocculants and specialty additives to safely treat and recycle wastewater and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Created during TiO2 pigment manufacturing, our iron salt eco products are an environmentally friendly solution for a wide range of water treatment applications. Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate (or Copperas as it is commonly known) is a versatile raw material for waste and potable water treatments, which is used to produce coagulants for more efficient phosphorus removal. We also produce Ferriclar. This product can be used as a liquid source of iron to enable faster, more effective coagulation – making the treatment of wastewater more efficient.

For more information about our products for water treatment, contact: water_treatment_expert@venatorcorp.com

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