A leading supplier of pigments and performance additives to the global plastics industry, we’ve created an innovative range of products for all kinds of everyday plastic applications from furniture and food packaging to car interiors and favorite items of footwear.

We have one of the world’s most diversified ranges of pigments and additives and are proud to make products that make a difference to the production and performance of plastics. Compliant with safety standards, our chemistries meet the tough demands of
high-performance polymer, masterbatch, compound, composite, elastomer and PVC manufacturing. As a result, they are widely used in plastics employed by the automotive industry, in agriculture and construction projects, in cosmetic packaging, consumer durables, electronics, industrial applications, and sports equipment – including specialist forms of footwear. 

Plastic formulators trust our team to identify the right pigments and additives to meet specific requirements. From one day to the next our experts can be working on an advanced titanium dioxide (TiO2) grade to optimize a plastic’s opacity; a special effect pigment to deflect solar rays and keep a plastic surface cool; or a color pigment to add vibrancy, interest and appeal to a plastic product.

From the car you drive to your favorite pair of trainers, our TiO2 pigments add brilliance to everyday objects. Engineered to give a blue, warm or neutral tone of white, the particle size and distribution of our pigments can be carefully controlled to deliver excellent opacity and weathering performance in a wide range of applications and environments.

Our comprehensive range of colored pigments includes reds, oranges, yellows, tans, browns, blacks and vibrant ultramarine pigments. These can provide lasting color performance and wide compatibility in all kinds of plastic applications. We also have the knowledge and flexibility to custom-engineer pigments to deliver bespoke color, heat-resistance, weatherabililty or purity properties on request.

For plastic formulators looking to engineer special effects we offer a toolbox of special pigments, fillers and additives. Products include synthetic barium sulfates, zinc sulfides and lithopone. Used time and again, these chemistries can help address specific customer requirements and deliver a range of benefits in plastic production. 

We also make a range of specialist ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigments. These can be used to produce plastics with the power to reflect the sun’s infrared heat. Compatible with a wide range of colored pigments – both organic and inorganic – these specialist pigments are ideal for inclusion in plastics produced for exterior construction applications.

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