We produce a range of high-purity pigments for clinical and medical use. Subject to rigorous validations our specialist pharmaceutical products are approved for use in the manufacture of tablet coatings, gelatin capsules, nutraceuticals, liquid suspensions and contrast agents.

We are a leading developer of TiO2 anatase and rutile pigments that offer the high levels of whiteness and opacity needed in the most demanding pharmaceutical formulations. With the ability to control particle size distribution, we can ensure consistency of color, opacity and surface texture, while extending protecting active pharmaceutical ingredients from light damage and extending their shelf life.

As well as enhancing the aesthetics of pharmaceutical products, our performance additives play a vital part in medical procedures. Available in multiple particle sizes, our barium sulfates can be used to create X-ray contrast agents that precisely match personal profiles. These products are also used to produce X-ray-opaque plastics for catheters, drainage tubes and hypodermic needles. They are also employed in composites containing bone cement that need to show up in X-ray images.

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