Global pulp and paper manufacturers rely on our pigments and performance additives to support them in the processing, performance and appearance of a vast range of paper and cardboard products.

We make a range of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and color pigments that can help control paper quality, achieve a stunning finish, improve printability and boost durability.

Our pigments and additives are used in the manufacture of all kinds of papers. Applications are varied and include labels, laminates, wallpaper, banknotes, postage stamps, smart identity cards, billboard posters, notebooks, fine parchment, and ultra-thin, lightweight paper for double-sided printing.

For labels that must deliver uncompromising performance alongside high visual impact, we offer pigments with high wet opacity. We make specialty pigments for the decorative layer of laminate flooring systems that have good printability and offer opacity and light fastness.

We are experts in specialty pigments for creating paper for banknotes, stamps and ID cards. Our products have the robust chemical and mechanical resistance plus the wet opacity needed to create light-fast, forgery-proof documents.

We produce pigments for ultra-thin, lightweight paper for double-sided printing applications such as newspapers, directories and holy books. We also make water treatment chemicals that can help the paper industry reduce breakages and contamination of the paper web within the papermaking process. These additives can be used to improve floc properties such as size, thickness, filterability and dewaterability.

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