Our extensive portfolio of pigments and performance additives is designed to help the world’s leading ink innovators leave a lasting impression, regardless of print method.

Renowned for improving color strength, brightness, opacity, gloss and fastness, our opaque rutile and anatase TiO2 pigments can be used to make inks that provide a consistent, high-quality finish, whatever the printing application, method or substrate. In parallel, we are continually adding to our range with innovative additives that can reflect infrared and ultraviolet solar rays.

Our pigments are suitable for solvent, water, oil-based and metallic ink systems as well as UV-curable formulations. Easily incorporated into ink fluids, pastes and powders, our pigments have the high stability needed to enhance all major printing methods. Typical applications include flexo, gravure, screen, inkjet and digital techniques plus surface, reverse, lamination or sheet-fed offset procedures.

An integral part of the ink formulation process, our pigments are used to create customized inks for all kinds of materials including paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, textiles, glass and ceramics.

Applications include food and drink packaging, newspaper and magazine print, fraud-proof security inks, digital and inkjet printing, textile and fabric inks, and printed electronics.

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