We are a leading producer of RUTILIT® – a natural by-product of the titanium dioxide production process, widely used to keep iron and steel blast furnaces in good working order.

Our RUTILIT® compounds are used for the preventative maintenance or urgent repair of blast furnaces employed in the production of metals such as iron and steel.

Fed into furnaces using pneumatic injection systems, and directed towards areas in need of repair, our RUTILIT® compounds can reduce the porosity of refactory materials. This added layer of protection can help defend the inside of furnaces from attack by metals and slag deposits created when burning liquid iron. This in turn helps improve the flowability of liquid metals; reduce overall maintenance costs; and increase the lifespan of expensive furnace equipment.

Our RUTILIT® compounds can also be used in tap-hole clays to increase thermal and chemical resistance, and reduce erosion. They are also used in electric arc furnaces to protect both electrodes and furnace walls.

For more information about our RUTILIT®  compound please contact: industrial_expert@venatorcorp.com