Working closely with leading food and drink manufacturers, we’ve developed a range of products that set a high standard for food grade titanium dioxide pigments and iron oxides.

Our products are used to make many of the world’s most popular food and drink brands look even more appetizing.

Easily dispersed in liquid and powder formulations, our titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments can deliver exceptional whiteness, opacity and coverage, as well as fresh, creamy effects, to a variety of food and drink products. They can be used in multi-layered food applications and can enhance dry blends and baking mixtures.
Used in dairy products, they can boost the natural whiteness and can also give instant drinks and creamers a milkier texture; and add opacity to confectionery, icing, ice cream and puddings.

For specialist food applications including sausage casings, candy, mints and chewing gum, we have a comprehensive palette of iron oxide pigments that includes distinctive yellow, red, brown and black shades.

Our high purity pigments are also widely employed in the global pet and animal food sector. Here they help ensure the smooth, even coloration of dry formulations. They also add lightness, opacity and texture to wet foods – without affecting consistency.

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