Fabric manufacturers worldwide trust our pigments and additives to give their fibers innovative features and special effects – and enable more efficient manufacturing processes.

We produce a range of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments that can be used in a variety of fiber applications. Our specialist grades can improve the light fastness and weather resistance of a wide range of fabrics. They can help reduce transparency in polyester, polyamide and viscose – creating a whiter, more opaque appearance. Our titanium dioxide grades are also integral to processes such as delustering – a vital stage in the production of man-made fibers.

With a lower Mohs hardness than rutile alternatives, our anatase TiO2 pigments can be used in fiber applications where lower abrasiveness is a must. We can also assist with specialist applications including the creation of high-gloss yarns for use on conventional spinning machines.

Our anatase titanium dioxide microcrystals are also widely used in melt conditioning – an innovative part of the delustering of man-made fibers. We have developed our own product platform for this special process – enabling fiber manufacturers to achieve different degrees of delustration, for example, lustrous, semi-matte and full-dull grades.

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