From the brightest whites to jet blacks, through every shade of the color spectrum, our high purity products enable the creation of organic, inorganic and hypoallergenic skin care products that keep people looking and feeling their best, day and night.

We are a leading producer of high quality ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care sector. Working for many years in this specialist sector, we have developed an enviable range of pigments and performance additives. 

Trusted by many of the world’s leading cosmetic houses, and skin and dental care brands, our products are proven to provide the coverage, opacity, radiance, depth of color, staying power, stability and innovative properties needed to create stunning visual effects in many different formulations.

Our titanium dioxide pigments provide the foundation for a flawless finish and consistent coverage in an array of cosmetic and personal care products. Diverse applications include concealers and correcting creams, foundations, face powders, multi-colored and ultra-white toothpastes and luxurious soaps. We also have a range of titanium dioxide products available for inclusion in anti-aging treatments and ultra-natural baby care products.

We are the pigment power behind countless colored cosmetics. From luscious lipsticks to bold, brow-enhancing products, cosmetic formulators know our color pigments can create dramatic,
long-lasting results. Endless color choices exist whether you are looking for a rich red, a brilliant blue, a vibrant violet or an inky, intense black.

We are also a major supplier of ingredients to the specialist sunscreen sector. Reflecting the needs of formulators, our high quality titanium dioxide pigments meet strict regulatory standards. They have the light and chemical stability, processing properties, and oil and water dispersibility needed to optimize high-end UV filter applications. They are also suitable for use on sensitive, redness-prone skin.

Our dedicated team of cosmetic experts work closely with many of the world’s leading beauty brands to develop new products and formulations to satisfy the most demanding requirements. 

We also work in close cooperation with Merck to offer a range of products for the personal care industry.

Talk to our dedicated team of cosmetics professionals: cosmetics_expert@venatorcorp.com

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