Our vast portfolio of color pigments, titanium dioxide pigments and functional additives can improve the appearance, performance, efficiency, durability and safety of a variety of building materials including concrete and plastic.

We have a team of experts focused on the development of pigments and additives for the construction industry. Whether the aim is to achieve the authentic look of natural materials or make a much bolder color statement, our palette of pigments can help building specifiers and material manufacturers keep pace with the latest architectural trends.

In the past, concrete color choices were limited. Today, thanks to the creativity of our pigment experts, it’s possible to produce concrete-based materials in a range of tints and hues. Our pigments, which include custom and specialty products from our Davis Colors portfolio, can be used to create concrete in a wide spectrum of shades for masonry, paving, pre-cast, cast stone, brick, ready-mix and roof tile applications. We’ve even developed a specialist pigment dosing system to simplify the production of colored concrete. Used together our GRANUMAT™ automatic dosing equipment and our GRANUFIN™ micro granules can make the creation of colored concrete cleaner and more accurate – reducing waste and saving time and money.

To increase choice in the world of plastic building materials we have created a range of pigments and performance additives that can be used to create visually interesting fixtures and fittings for the interior and exterior of buildings. We also make titanium dioxide products that can give construction materials added whiteness and opacity. Typical applications include soffits, fascias, window frames, and pipes.

Taking things one-step further we have also developed a range of innovative, energy-efficient solar reflective pigments. Our ALTIRIS® pigments are ideal for use in buildings in warm sunny climates where plastics and paints may warp or peeling because of high temperatures or light damage.

Our expanding range of eco products include cement additives that can control the setting and hardening of cement and products that can minimize the risk of construction workers having an allergic reaction to cement-based products.

We also market a range of timber treatment chemicals that can help preserve wood in all manner of construction applications from fencing and decking to cladding and joinery.

Talk to our construction pigments and additives experts about your challenges: construction_expert@venatorcorp.com

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