Whether you need a UV-reflective coating for a skyscraper; tough anti-corrosion protection for extreme coating conditions; subtle shades for elegant interiors; or vivid colors for vehicles, our portfolio of products for formulating coating systems is the one of the broadest available.

Coating formulators around the world depend upon on our diverse range of pigments and additives to create paints, stains, lacquers, primers, color concentrates, tint systems, solvent-free and clear coatings. To satisfy the needs of our coatings customers, we offer a range of titanium dioxide (TiO2) white pigments, color pigments, and functional additives for use in applications across construction, automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

Constantly pushing the frontiers of coating innovation, our pigments and additives can be engineered to create unique effects and are renowned for their ability to enhance aesthetic appeal, extend durability and deliver high levels of physical and chemical resistance. 

Bringing brilliance, opacity, gloss and vibrant color to any surface and substrate, our titanium dioxide products, additives and color pigments can help coating formulators lock in cost, performance and environmental benefits.

We also offer a range of specialist technologies for the coating sector. These include an innovative portfolio of infrared reflecting pigments that can deflect solar energy. We also have a range of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) pigments to replace solvent-based and traditional heavy metal systems.

To complement these products, we also offer additives that can improve how coatings dry. These can provide specific drying properties, prevent skin formation during storage, and help develop color faster. Find out more about our range of driers.

Talk to our pigments and additives coatings experts about your challenges, contact: coatings_expert@venatorcorp.com

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