Used in soil improvers, fertilizers and animal feeds, or to create new materials that enable more effective cultivation techniques, our pigments, additives and eco products for the agriculture industry are developed with sustainability in mind.

We have a wide spectrum of products for formulating soil conditioners, improvers, mulch additives and fertilizers. Out in the field these products help boost the natural productivity of agricultural land, release nutrients and promote healthy plant growth.

FILLMAG is an iron-magnesium granulated product. A highly effective pH adjuster, it can be used in direct application or as part of bespoke blended product. Our calcium sulfate and iron sulfate products can help combat ferric chlorosis and sulfur deficiency, which can spoil crops and diminish revenue. Calcium, sulfate, iron and other trace minerals in our versatile gypsum eco products can promote plant and crop growth, boost damage resistance and improve soil structure. Gypsum can also be mixed with NPK fertilizers to create bespoke systems for specific plants or soil conditions.

Our high purity pigments and additives are fully certified as natural ingredients for the creation of safe, appetizing, highly nutritious animal foods – including products for livestock, swine and poultry. We have a full palette of white and color pigments to ensure the smooth, even coloration of dry formulations, including food pellets. These can also add lightness, opacity and texture to wet foods, without affecting consistency. Our additives are also trusted in the production of animal food supplements that provide the iron and essential minerals required to promote healthy growth.

When it comes to creating the right climate for cultivation, our ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigments are ideal for incorporating into glasshouses and polytunnels. Structures coated with ALTIRIS® pigments can benefit from better temperature control, which helps reduce energy consumption. Long-term performance and durability can also be improved due to better weatherproofing.

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