Leading industrial and chemical manufacturers worldwide trust our expertise in titanium dioxide pigments to help them meet demanding production requirements, enable innovation and drive more cost-effective operations.

Engineered by pigment specialists, with an in-depth understanding of active materials, our high-quality titanium dioxides (TiO2) grades play a vital role in catalysis – helping to initiate, accelerate and control chemical reactions. We make pigments for reducing nitrogen oxides from engine exhausts. We also manufacture pigments that can deliver high performance in other catalytic applications including photocatalysis, desulfurization of crude oil and the oxidative synthesis of organic compounds.

If you are manufacturing electronic components and electroceramics – and want to enhance optical performance, chemical purity, reactivity and sintering – our high-purity titanium dioxide grades are an excellent choice. They are regularly used in the production of capacitors, PTC resistors, and piezoceramic elements. 

We also make titanium dioxide products that act as a stabilizer in the electric arc for the coating of welding electrodes. While rutile pigments can improve the mechanical and/or thermal properties in aluminum and zirconium oxides, our pigments go further – enhancing the refractive index of glass and suppressing discoloration.

Other applications for these specialty titanium dioxide pigments and performance additives include:

  • CICP: TiO2 raw materials for manufacturing complex inorganic colored pigments 
  • Ceramics: High-purity TiO2 for electroceramics in capacitor, sensor, and piezo applications as well as various grades for technical ceramics, optical glasses, microfilters, glass, frits and enamels.

Talk to our active materials experts to find out how we can support your requirements, contact: active_materials_expert@venatorcorp.com

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