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Venator to promote water treatment chemicals & pigments for paper at Zellcheming-Expo 2017

July 03, 2017

Zellcheming-EXPO 2017, Frankfurt, Germany from 4 to 6 July 2017
Visit Venator at stand number: G49

Wynyard, UK – Pulp and paper experts from leading chemical company Venator will be exhibiting at Zellcheming-Expo 2017 - a major trade fair for suppliers to the European pulp and paper industry in July. At the event, Venator’s experts will highlight the highly specialized wet-end water treatment chemicals and pigments it produces, and their ability to enhance the processing and performance properties of a plethora of paper products. 

Venator is a leading producer of aluminium-based flocculation aids for the European pulp and paper industry – creating customized solutions for many kinds of paper applications from printing and writing paper to labels, laminates and special paper products such as wallpaper, bank notes and postal stamps.

During the event, Venator will exhibit a range of wet-end chemicals for fixation and retention, process water treatment and waste water treatment. These can enhance the preparation and treatment of fresh, recirculating and waste water; support the use of wet-strength additives, sizing, improve screen and press dewatering. The team will also showcase their white pigment portfolio for paper applications, which can have a direct bearing on paper quality, helping to achieve different finishes, improve printability and increase durability.

Aluminium-based flocculation aids that paper producers can use to coagulate and remove impurities from water streams, include:

  • NICASAL® flocculant – to prevent chloride corrosion and high amounts of sulfate in closed and semi-closed water circuits 
  • PAPYRUS® FLEX products – used at the wet-end of papermaking machines these multifunctional additives are based on aluminium nitrate sulfate 
  • PAPER-PACTM-N aid – a polyaluminium chloride sulfate (PACS) product used for improving filler retention
  • EKOFIX™ – a polyaluminium flocculation aid for use in effluent water treatment
  • SYNTHOFLOC™ – a polyelectrolyte retention aid for use in papermaking machines.

White pigment products available to the paper industry from Venator include:

  • BLANC FIXE micro®  synthetic barium sulfate - a color neutral filler with a low refractive index suitable for use in colored decor paper systems 
  • SACHTLEBEN® R610L pigment - a rutile titanium dioxide pigment that has been specifically developed for highly filled colored decorative papers 
  • SACHTLEBEN® SR6 slurry - an excellently dispersed sedimentation proofed aqueous titanium dioxide slurry prepared from a particularly photo stable rutile pigment 
  • SACHTLEBEN® SR7 slurry - a titanium dioxide prepared from a rutile pigment particularly suitable for use in wet end and coating applications to reach high wet- and oil opacity
  • HOMBITAN® LWS pigment - an uncoated anatase titanium dioxide with high brightness and blue undertone
  • HOMBITAN® SA pigment - an anatase based slurry which is an excellently dispersed sedimantation-proofed aqueous titanium dioxide

Proven across the paper industry these pigments can be used to deliver whiteness; improved printability; chemical, acid and alkali resistance; opacity; and light fastness.

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